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Nights of Shadow--Artifice

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  • Jimbos Awesome SFF Book and Movie Reviews
    Can someone please call Stephanie Meyer and tell her to read a book?
    Artifice mixes genres quite effectively.
    Miller manages to do something few other authors have attempted and even fewer have pulled off, at least without multiple books to do it in.
    Eliza herself is impressive. This is a woman who doesn't have it all. She lacks in knowledge of self and, when we first meet her, is far from rich. She has a stalker and ends up in ever worsening situations. The bottom line, though, is that Eliza never gives up. She doesn't look to everyone else to fix her problems for her. In a situation where she could curl up into a ball and give up and feel sorry for herself but she doesn't. She fights and fights hard. I found myself liking this girl early in the book and liked her even more by the end. I may not agree with everything she does but I understand why she does and why she must. Her ability to fight is mentioned (and at one point she achieves the ultimate in modern-day bad-ass appearance by wielding a katana) but it's not shown much. Her willingness to sacrifice herself to protect her friends is impressive as well.
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  • Interrobanged
    "I’ll have to try to write this carefully to avoid spoilers, because I know readers will want to experience this book the same way I did. What I will say is that Lianne Miller handles this genre very well, allowing the reader to see the world through the confused eyes of an unreliable narrator and without the intrusive framework that many authors insert into this particular type of story. In this case, Miller’s deft handling makes it all work, and as Eliza learns more about herself, so do the readers." - Interrobanged
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  • Alysia
    "I really enjoyed this book. I was guessing what was going to happen the whole time. I love a good mystery! There were some very good twists and turns in this book." - Alysia
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Lianne's beta reader team:
  • Mark: "The flow is perfect. I enjoyed how the story flows and the assertion and utilization of characters. Character utilization and transitions were fluent and symmetrical. Tailing away from a certain part of the story and leading into another aspect of it has been great. It has kept me interested in returning to all aspects of it. I felt the plot/story line was well designed and enticed increased reading time. I will be curious how the story plays out involving Matt.  I also enjoyed the re-addressing of certain situations through the eyes of Eliza and then Dimitri. Different perspectives of a same situation by characters are intriguing. The physical attributes of Shashenka was a pleasant surprise. It added an extra understanding, if you will, to his demeanor. Can’t wait to learn more of the history of Eliza and Dimitri.My curiosity is peaked towards Maria’s history and ultimate roll in the story.  Compelling on both ends--start to finish. I would not change anything. A perfect way to end the 1st book. I like to choose my books by the a quick glance through the prologues and back cover insights. The prologue to this was enough to peak my curiosity and for me to say this should be an interesting read. Job well done."
  • Ruth: "I would love to translate your work into French. The story is palpitating and is a lesson of tolerence towards those who live with a "difference". You are a beautiful person to have written thus. Its a great story, love it. When do you finish no2? Just WOW! I can't wait to read the next volume!! Congratulations on some fine writing."
  • Elaine: "YIKES !! ....What will happen now...Will Eliza and Dmitri re-kindle the old flame or will it make a turn for the worse... Will it be enough to make Matt turn if things develop between E & D and OMG how will Shashenka react to all this ...undoubtedly he will find out !! ...Watch this space ! ....."
  • Abram: "The story, to me, is well written. The ending was great! It left me hanging and wanting more! Very good story. History and chain of events flowed nicely."
  • Tony: "The characters themselves I thought were very well defined. For a while in the beginning I was a bit confused as to what the story was about but as I read on it became clear . . . I enjoyed that because I wasn't expecting pretty much everything that happened. It was nice not to see things coming. . Personally I found the novel refreshingly unobvious.I have to say I've read a good number of books on Vampires, Werewolves, etc. but when I started your I was not expecting it. It was definatly a new way of writing this type of novel and I really liked it.I must say I look forward to the next novel."
  • Tiim: "Continuity good, no plot holes--really liked. not a genre I normally read. maybe if first page or two drew interest and this one did. When is the next book coming out? "
  • Maryann: "Not a genre I normally read, but this story was good. I liked the human qualities of your supernatural characters. I found it to be a better read than some well-known authors--some of their popular works I put down within the first few chapters and never finished reading. I couldn't put this down and am looking forward to reading the next book." 
  • Kirk: "Very good. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. I liked the way of personally connecting with the characters, and loathing/hating Shashenka. I found myself thinking about the characters days after I finished reading the story. This was a new and unexpected read. When is book two going to be ready?"
  • Rachel: "It kept my interest, characters relatable, believable; scene descriptions well done. Found myself wanting to turn the pages ahead to see what is coming or happening next. Hate cliffhangers, because I don't want to wait to keep reading a good story."
  • Hank: "I liked the characterization for as many characters as there were, well developed. Liked Eliza as a strong female instead of weak and helpless character. Looking forward to more backstory on Eliza, Dmitri, and learning more about Maria. Compared to the few books I’ve read in this genre definitely a newer take, and thank God it’s not Twilight, Bella, Edward, or Jacob. Ending left me wanting to see what happens next. If out looking for a book I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, but knowing what it is now and reading the first book I would definitely look for the next book."

  • Zach: "Artifice was crazy good. I enjoyed the fast pace in which your characters developed and how you lead into the main issues within the story. My wife read the manuscript as well and we can not wait until it is published."

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