Nights of Shadow

Every author has a mental picture of what a character looks like. This album contains the nearest likeness to these characters and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer: Some of the images seen here are lawfully used with commercial license to display them. Other images were found in the public domain on the internet and no copyright or privacy infringement was intended. If you are the owner or subject of an image used, please notify me via the webmaster e-mail (on the contact page), and we will either credit your work/image, or remove the image at your request.

Eliza Ross

Dmitri Markov

Matt Wolfe

Shashenka Belyakov

Maria D'Arcy

Elizabetta Rossellini

Vladimir Jagr

Anna Kachida

Alexander Kozlov

Katherine Zervas

Kees De Haan


Victoria Edwards

Justin Walker

Sofia Castillo

Sally Davis

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