Nights of Shadow

A new adult contemporary fantasy series.
  • Artifice ~ Available for sale on May 27, 2015
         Eliza Ross believes she is living an isolated life in Montana without family or friends. Then a mysterious stalker turns her world upside down. The cops think she is crazy, but the medical doctors soon discover that Eliza isn’t normal—and they are determined to find out why.
         Dmitri Markov is a Druzhina who knows everything about Eliza, but his mission is to make her forget. He will do whatever it takes to keep her alive and deliver her to Shashenka Belyakov. Other elite Druzhinas are sent to assist Dmitri in recovering her from the hospital. They will not fail.
         An unlikely friendship with a mortal enemy only deepens the mystery, putting Eliza on a collision course with Dmitri and immersing her in a shadow realm where nothing is what it seems. As the truth unravels, Eliza learns that she must destroy the one responsible for enslaving her, or she’ll never be free—but as she races into the unknown, she unwittingly sends Dmitri into a downward spiral that may doom them both.

  • Vendetta ~ Fall 2015
  • Chaos ~ Spring 2016
  • Redemption ~ Fall 2016
  • Prequel (Pending):
    • Eternal Light ~
    • Rebellion ~
    • Time ~

Status of this series:
  • Artifice is finished and in the final stages for publishing; release date is May 27, 2015. Go to the Where to Buy page for links to order this title online.
  • Vendetta is over 80% complete in its rough draft form and should be with the editor later this summer. Anticipated publication date for this book is this fall.
  • Chaos, Redemption, and the Prequel (Eternal Light, Rebellion, and Time) are outlined.


The Legatees Journey

A new adult cross-genre paranormal fiction.
  • A Journey Foreseen ~
  • Dawn in the Twilight of Night ~
  • Undeniable Truth ~

Status of this series:

This series is written, but undergoing rewrites to break the large epic novel into three stories, instead of a three-part book. I hope to work on this in between the writing and editing phases of Nights of Shadow, and anticipate that it will publish in the future.

Shadow of the Hawk

A new adult paranormal fantasy.
  • Marked (working title) ~

Status of this WIP:

The story idea is outlined and chapter starts and notes are sitting on the back burner until I finish the other books above.

True to Form

A cross genre paranormal fiction.

Status of this WIP:

The story idea is outlined with chapter starts and notes.

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